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ICE is an insurance Core with more than 20 years of evolution, which has its origin on the insurance company and its latest technological renewal ready it to be coupled with the new role of the transactional middle layer.

Configuration ICE

  • Creation of arithmetic operations, comparisons, validations and constants.
  • Conditions, authorisations and default values
  • Creation of variable fields.
  • Creating tables of support or tables catalogs: search indexes and associated data.
  • Formulation creation for the calculation of mathematical reservations, current risks, we are big enough, rescues, rehabilitation, options of liquidation, tariffs of reinsurance, extra charges, discounts, deductible and any other value (source or derivative) needed.

Responsive Design

Functional characteristics

Why is ICE your best option?


Fully parametric application.


Manages all lines of the insurance business (people, assets, liability and investment).


It covers the standard processes of the business, both technical and administrative.


Conceived with an integrated concept of unique customer.


Integrate image management with business processes, including documents


Oriented to the definition and administration by the end user.


Security and own audit of the company.


Allows its implementation within the infrastructure of the user or its operation through a private cloud.

“Real-time Market” Guaratee

Thanks to its model of business rules libraries (insurable interest, coverage, subscription policies and claims, formulation / pricing) and direct configuration by the company's users.

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